April Shower

A light spattering of what we’ve been looking at this month

Beach Plastic

Here in Pembrokeshire we love our beaches. One thing we do hate though is the plastic that often lies on their shores. Luckily we have some great people in our county who put in a lot of hours doing beach cleans.

It seems that there is an opportunity to be had with all this excess plastic. You know how that saying goes too about one mans trash is another man’s treasure? It’s becoming very literal here and we’re even thinking about opening up our own recycling center.

Precious Plastics


This is incredible.

Precious Plastics provides the blueprints to build your very own recycling machine. Where you can crush and remold plastics, creating pretty much whatever you like from them. Craft products to sell, tools for use or raw materials for 3D printers. The machines are easy to build with easily sourced, affordable materials.


OneillSurf company O’neill are also doing something about our waste plastic. They’re turning it into clothing! Genius or what? Think we’ll be picking up a pair of their boardies soon.

Read more here on Carve Mag.




A peek at our newsletters this month.


Looks good enough to tweet…

chimmichurriMat Badger’s turn at Wednesday lunch club went down a storm.

All thanks to Spicentice’s Chimmichurri spice rub and Mat Badger of course


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