Fail Friday

They say that by Friday the 22nd of January, you’ll have already given up your New Year’s Resolution.
They even named the day it’ll happen, It’s been dubbed ‘Fail Friday’….

It’s probably a bit harsh, but I can see what they’re trying to do and let’s be honest, because it’s a statistic driven nickname we can’t argue too much with facts and history.

So let’s have a look at a case study I researched*.
Last year, somewhere between Boxing day and the first of January you made some fairly hasty, New Year-New me, based decisions?

Big ones yeah?

Yeah. Then before you knew it, at the far end of the supermarket car park you’d stopped stopping and devoured a full roast chicken before driving home in tears.
It’s okay, I think I may know where things went south.
It was just too darn big a promise to keep. It was too intimidating, overwhelming and too much pressure.

How did this happen?
Well I suspect you thought you needed to make a big statement, to go big or go home. I mean it’s no good making a small, half-hearted attempt at a life changing resolution is it?

Is it?…

Well, in the past, I’ve had some success with being a bit more realistic and setting myself small easily achievable goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still got my eye on the prize, It’s just now I accept that I won’t be holding it aloft tomorrow. It takes time.

So, don’t say “I’m going to lose 5 stone!”  That’s a heck of a goal but it’s also a massive pressure on your shoulders from day one.
Instead you could say, “I’m going to “lose” the takeaway menu in the bin”. Then do that.
Goal number one is achieved………..You’re welcome.


You can still have whatever you want this year and you should still dream big, just take it steady and don’t expect it overnight.

Now, you do actually need to do something to ensure success, but it’ll come as no surprise to find the way to make it happen is through the tried and tested methods people have used for years.

Make lists. Make time. Get your clothes out the night before. Just ring them. Buy some tap shoes.

So be patient, work hard and stride purposefully past that hare on the finishing straight.




*Up till now, all the research I’ve ever presented has been made up, but this year I’ve resolved to change that…