If you’re sitting comfortably, we’ll begin…


So once upon a time there’s these four Oxen blokes standing in a field, having a spot of lunch. They are happily chatting about football and dropping the kids off at the pool when along comes this Lion chap.

Now this Lion fella is a nasty piece of work, he wants to eat these four Oxen blokes. Maybe not all in one sitting but he’s pretty confident he can munch his way through all four of them before they start attracting flies.

The Oxen are thinking “oh shit” (as you would when a Lion is heading towards you with a knife and fork) when one of them has a great idea.

“If we all stand together back to back, then the Lion can’t attack us from behind and we can hoof him off from the front. You got my back I got yours. You dig?”. And they did all dig what he is saying, and they all stand back to back to form a circle.

Along comes Mr Lion acting all Charlie big potatoes and he gets a hoof in the jaw. He tries from a different angle and gets a different hoof in the jaw. This is not going to plan for old Lion boy, and feeling a bit bruised he decides to head off to Spud U Like for a potato filled with chilli and cheese. He’s gluten free so this seems like a sensible alternative.

So time passes and every time that Lion chap turns up the Oxen blokes form a circle, no retreat no surrender style. The Lion sees this happening and quite sensibly thinks “f**k that, there are easier ways to get lunch”.

A few months later one of the Oxen, let’s call him Brian, is bragging about how his son Simon had come first in the the school swimmimg gala and generally twisting everyones melons. Now, as happens when you get four dad’s in a room, the talk was getting pretty competitive and pretty heated. After some talk of possibly making the kid’s have a fight to prove who was the best, they all fall out and head into parts of the field.

Now you can see what’s coming next…

Thats right, the Lion sees them all standing sulking in each corner of the field. He puts on his balaclava and picks them all off one by one. Easy.

The Creative Common is a coworking space where we can guarantee you won’t get eaten by Lions and you might find that being around other people is productive and helpful. Or something.

Work together, get shit done.

Team CC