There’s something new at The Creative Common.

It’s me. I’m all new and fresh and shiny. Well maybe not so fresh and shiny at 8am on a cold Monday morning but luckily we have coffee.
So, let me tell you all about me.

Me, me, me, me, me, everything all about me.

You are officially entering into the world of Lib right now. A place where everything is orbited around the great L-I-B-B-Y.
Truthfully, I find introductions like this a little difficult. After spending each moment of my childhood alongside my identical twin I still find the adjustment from the collective “we” to just little old “me” a bit odd.

So, although I’ve squeezed in a bit already, I’ve answered some more pressing questions for you below.

My name is…

My home is…
The Pembrokeshire peninsular. I love the beaches and coastal path here it makes being active a little easier. If I could live anywhere then it would be here or in Bristol, my favourite city… but I could cope with some time in Barbados too.

I have a pet…
Cat, his name is Ted

My idea of happiness is…
Perfectly timed eggs with yolks of runny golden goodness and hot buttered toast.

If I was stranded on a desert island I would bring…
Comfortable pillows, bottomless rum punch and a radio.

In my music library…
Paul Simon

My perfect dinner party companions are…
Jamie Oliver, if he’s cooking that’d be a bonus too, and a good comedian. Michael McIntyre is great although laughter may hamper my ability to eat which could be an issue for me.

My favourite food is…
PIZZA, the greasier and guiltier the better.

What I think is the best thing about Co-Working…

Brain Bashing! Not literally. What I mean is at times a Co-Working space can act like a great Hadron Collider for ideas. A place where thoughts from our brains bash together to make wonderful happenings.

So, there you have it, a little look inside my head which appears to contain much information on food.

I hope to see you around soon, Mr. Oliver, Mr. McIntyre, future Co-Workers.

Any more questions then you know where to find me.