The Digital Nomad

     Digital nomads are individuals who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner – Definition from Wikipedia.

You may have seen this term thrown around a lot lately. It crops up quite often in the travel section of the times or on those tags on your Instagram you keep #wanderlusting at from your office chair.

It’s a trendy term that’s gaining popularity as more people are able access their work online. Thanks to wonderful things such as the cloud and accessible WiFi, you can access emails and conference meetings from remote places such as on camel back in the Gobi Desert or in a caravan in Solva. With spaces like Hubub in Bali and CocoVivo in Panama, travelling the world and carrying your work on your back is easier than ever.

If you really want to get to know your digital nomads there is some new terminology to familiarise yourself with. We’ve broken down some of the jargon here for you.

  • “Whilst I was travelling” – I went on a long holiday
  • “Oh yes it was good, just a lot of tourists” – It was full of foreigners, like myself.
  • “I just dined with the locals” – I ate street food, so therefore I am a local.
  • “Just to touch base” – I log on to emails to give colleagues the impression that I’m working.
  • “Great to get back to the retreat after a long day” – Late check in at the B&B.
  • “You can learn so much from other veteran nomads.” – A guy with a braid and a nose ring once told me where to find the rest room.
  • “Co-working spaces are great to stop business interfering with family time” – My kids were driving me nuts so I came here to get away from them.

Our superfast broadband and day rates mean digital nomads can pop in and get their work done when they feel like it. Plus signing up to indycube means use at any of their locations across Wales.
Freedom to roam as they wish.

Why not start you adventure,
Team CC.