You’ve Changed Man!


Remember the good old days?


Penny sweets, that cost a penny. Winters where snow fell. Panda pops and He-Man jellies. Being able to buy cigarettes with only a signed of paper from your next door neighbour despite being only 10 years old (yea you know who you are).

Remember going to the library to get a book only to find it had already been let out that day so wouldnt be available for another 4 weeks? So you filled your cart with second rate versions of the book you really wanted, only to find out that the answer to the question you needed answering, the reason for borrowing the book, was on page 32 which had now found its final resting place providing a warm place for Dave Winterbottom’s hamster to piss.

Things change. We’ve changed. 

We’re still about the community. We’re still about people coming together and being productive, getting shit done. But now not only do we have a lovely place to work but we also have a coffee shop. Coworking upstairs, coffee shop downstairs.

Want to get your head down and get stuff done? Get upstairs and join us in a cowork extravaganza. Just want to access the internet and do a few bits and bobs while enjoying a coffee and a bun, just head into the coffee shop.

And that’s it. We’re not reinventing the wheel here but we are reinventing the way we work in Haverfordwest. The way we work in Pembrokeshire. We are remote, so work remotely.

See you in the coffee shop for what some say, what most say, is the best coffee in Pembrokeshire. Oh and a brownie. Don’t forget the brownie.

And not a He-man jelly in sight.

Keep up the good work.